Small Chamber Works

*All Prices include Tax and Shipping*

From Subterranea (2014) for flute, bass clarinet, and percussion
Paul Taub, flute; Angelique Poteat, bass clarinet; Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion

From Subterranea – Score and Parts – $20.00 Buy Now Button


Song and Dance (2013) for four flutes
Maggie Stapleton, flute; Daria Binkowski, flute and piccolo; Elaine Cho, flute and alto flute; Paul Taub, flute and bass flute

Song and Dance – Score and Parts – $40.00 Buy Now Button


Ripples of Possibilities (2012) for two clarinets
Laura DeLuca and Angelique Poteat, clarinet

I. Ebb

II. Flow

Ripples of Possibilities – Sheet Music – $22.00btn_buynowcc_lg


A Perspective (2009) for flute, violin, and piano
Catherine Branch, flute; Katelyn Westergard, violin; Albert Kim, piano

I. Tabula Rosa

II. Numb

III. Symbiosis

A Perspective – Score and Parts – $40.00 Buy Now Button

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